Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

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Much of the marketing of a product for sale is in how that product is presented; it’s appearance on first and lingering glance.  Selling a home is no different than other products.  It is the most significant product sale you will ever have.  Making the right impression in staging your home for sale is going to require some special treatment.   These tips will help.

Make sure every room is clutter-free

As a beginning, eliminate the clutter in every room, perhaps even some of the furniture.  One of the most unappealing factors in a home for sale is clutter.  If you have a mantle covered with photographs, eliminate all but two or three of them.  You might know these people very well, but to a home buyer, they are clutter.  Most people have too much stuff.  Removing clutter will make the home appear larger; always a key in selling the home.

Bathrooms sell.  Period

Bathrooms exist to clean ourselves up and eliminate waste.  In spite of that purpose, bathrooms must sparkle, squeaky clean, from floor to ceiling.  Sparkle is not just words; scrub and scour until it is reality and keep it clean during the sale.  You may not need to replace anything as long as it meets that essential requirement.  If not, it will not sell.  If fixtures appear old and particularly if they leak, replace them.  As an added visual, close the toilet lid, not just the seat.  We all know what toilets are; as a buyer, we don’t need to see it ready to use.

The kitchen is the next essential sale opportunity

The kitchen, too, must sparkle.  Clean the oven and stovetop; buyers open them and want to see the appearance of an unused oven and stovetop.  Clean the floor into the tight corners beneath the cabinets.  Tile is the preferred flooring, but you should make sure the grout is not stained.  Stainless steal is all the rage right now, but energy efficient will go along ways with a buyer as well.  This room, in particular, must be removed of all buyer distractions.  This includes crumbs and dirty dishes.  Staging your home means a kitchen that appears unused, but ready to use in a moment’s time.

Scrutinize your walls in every room

If wallpaper is peeling at the corners, replace it.  If colors are faded, dirty or dated, re-paint, but keep to neutral colors.  You may like a dark den, but lighter colors make a room appear larger and that is always appealing to a homebuyer.  Wood paneling, especially faux-wood, is dated.  Replace it.  If you have damaged sheetrock, repair it.  Pay attention to eliminate smudges on exposed corners in hallways and rooms.

Room flooring must be appealing to the eyes and the feet

Nothing will detract from an otherwise nice-appearing home than to have old, worn carpeting, dated linoleum, scratched, faded hardwood and cracked, stained tile.  If flooring in any room needs to be replaced, do it.  Have the carpets professionally cleaned.  Linoleum is cheap and dated and everybody knows it.  Replace it with another flooring type such as tile.  If you must replace linoleum with linoleum, use tiled linoleum instead of a solid sheet.  Staging your home with clean, appealing flooring will present a home ready to be bought.

Smells don’t sell

Room odors are the give-away that something is not right.  Other than during the holidays (not a prime time to sell a home), spice and pine candles are popular, but usually, a home has a neutral smell.  Masking odors with obvious room deodorizers is just a mask and will dismay.

Lights on

Every room in the house should be illuminated during a sale.  Staging your home is a bit like lights on a theater stage.  They present drama and mood.  They highlight the cleanliness of your home.  Lighting will also add to the apparent size of your rooms.  Turning on your lights, even during daylight, is one of the easiest and most effective staging tactics you can engage.

The outside should be treated like any other room in the house

Make it cozy and inviting.  If the chairs and lounge have faded, have dirty or torn pillows and cushions, replace them.  Even if you are taking the patio furniture with you, make their appearance appealing.  Sweep the patio floor of debris and leaves, just as you would clean the floors in the house.  As a matter of general appearance outside, make sure your landscaping has an attractive appearance and is free from weeds, old leaves and dead plants.  Curb appeal means just that.

Staging your home for sale is theater, but it will assure you have made you best effort to present the quality of your home.

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