Tips for De-Cluttering Your Home to Help it Sell

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De-cluttering your home might be one of the most important aspects of the home selling process.  It can mean the difference between the property selling quickly or sitting on the market.  That being said de-cluttering is a step that no seller should overlook.  When you de-clutter your home, prospective buyers are able to picture themselves living there rather than seeing it as though it’s someone else’s.  It will also help the home appear as though it has been well cared for.  Before you place your home on the market, follow these steps to de-clutter your home for a quick sell.

One Room at a Time

Start in the back of the house and tackle one room at a time.  Have bags for everything you’ll be tossing out or donating and then boxes or plastic containers for everything you’ll pack and store away.  A home that is on the market should be as appealing as possible, and one way to achieve appeal is to showcase the purpose of the room.  Have enough furniture and accents and get rid of everything standing in their way.   Remember your goal is not to organize clutter.  It is to get rid of it.  Organized clutter is still clutter!

Use the “In and Out” Rule

If you are purchasing new items for the home, practice the “in and out” rule.  In other words, if you purchase a new piece to better showcase the living room, then be sure to remove an older piece of furniture to keep the room balanced.

Create a Vision

When cleaning a room, create a vision.  Keep in mind what the room’s purpose is.  Think how attractive the room would be with just enough furniture staged in the most inviting manner.  Get rid of or store everything that clutters your vision.

Clean the Closets

Organized closets do help homes to sell.  Statistics show a majority of homeowners claim they want large closets or walk-in closets.  By organizing your closet you will be making it appear as spacious as possible.

Do You Really Need That Item?

Do you have a lot of knick-knack type of items sitting on your shelves?  If you are having trouble deciding whether or not to get rid of them, ask yourself if it’s something you truly need.  If not, then you should sell it or donate it.

Organize the Kitchen

Clean out all the drawers and cabinets, get rid of everything that is not necessary.  Clear off the countertops and only keep two or three items like a vase, a cookbook and a bowl of fruit.  Kitchens should look as crisp and clean, and as organized as possible.  Clean counters will help to ensure their appeal.

Final Thoughts

By de-cluttering and organizing different parts of your home, you will help to increase the overall appeal for prospective buyers.

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