Outdated Design Features That Need to Go

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There are some outdated design features that could cause huge problems in your home should you decide to sell it. You may love a particular style, but the majority of buyers might not.  Not only are there styles that are outdated, but they’re also not going to grab a buyer’s attention in a positive way. Buyers essentially want a clean slate to work with, not a bunch of roadblocks. Should you have any of the following home design features, it’s time to switch them up for something more modern.

Wood paneling

The only reason there should be wood visible on your walls is if you live in a log cabin. Wood paneling is unsightly, not to mention it makes the room look dark and small. Even painting over it is still going to make it look like cheap painted wood. Your best course of action is to take it down entirely and paint the walls a neutral color.

Popcorn ceiling

Popcorn ceilings, also known as Stucco ceilings or cottage cheese ceilings, were popular for a couple of  decades, but it hasn’t been a favorite for years. They’re bumpy, attract dust, look unattractive, and can actually decrease your home’s value. The only way to take it down is by scraping it and then repaint it. However, some of these ceilings used years ago included asbestos, so you’re better off just hiring a painter to do it for you to save yourself the time, energy, and hassle.

Colored porcelain in the bathroom

Pink, blue, black, green, or any other color porcelain in the bathroom is a big turn off to buyers. If you have a pink toilet and sink with matching tiles on the walls, it’s going to be tough for you to find a buyer if they are not in love with the color pink.  They are going to have to rip out everything and start from scratch.  Most people are not looking to come in and redo a bathroom unless the selling price is just right.  A white toilet, sink, and tile means that the buyer can accessorize and change it up to their own style.

Using wallpaper

Wallpaper peels, stains, gets dusty, and is a pain to get down. Buyers know that, and they’re going to see it as nothing but a major hassle if they were to buy the home. Take it down yourself and put up a fresh coat of paint instead. Buyers want options, not difficulties, and a blank wall will allow them to do with it what they please.

Ugly carpeting

With so many carpeting options, there’s no excuse for ugly carpet. Whether it’s worn in some spots, stained, or just hideous, it’s time to replace it. Carpet is relatively cheap, but it can add value to your home and make it look even more attractive than ever before.

Fluorescent lighting

You know those tube-lights you have in your kitchen or basement that give off the horrible fluorescent lighting? It’s time to get rid of them. They don’t make anyone or anything look flattering.  They are pretty simple to take down and can help make a room much more appealing. Go with something softer and more décor friendly.

Final Thought

The good thing about ugly, outdated design features is that they can easily be changed, and they should be before any potential buyer does a walk through of your property. Most changes are not expensive to do. They may require a bit of time to fix, but if you’re too time restricted, you can always hire someone to do it. In the end, it will benefit you and your home as well as its value.

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