Inzopa Case Study – Peter Madams

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Inzopa Case Study

As a young company having just launched in 2013, Inzopa has already successfully been credited in helping a large amount of individuals find the mortgage that was a match for them.  Take Peter Madams, for instance. Peter was looking to refinance the mortgage on his house and take advantage of low rates, however, he was on the hunt for a non-conventional cash-out refinance mortgage.

He had initially bought his house when it needed a lot of updating. Once he had finished the renovations, he decided he wanted to get some of the equity back out. He had a 30 year mortgage in mind, but quickly changed his mind and opted for a 7 year ARM after learning about its low rates and the caps on fees.

The Problem Before Coming to Inzopa

When Peter first started the refinance process on his home, he was finding a lot of hesitation coming from the different lenders that he spoke to. A cash-out refinance would mean that the bank would actually be giving Peter money once the loan was closed. He couldn’t find a bank that actually wanted to do this, even though he had built up his equity.

Because he was struggling to find a reputable lender to work with, Peter quickly became frustrated with the entire process. He started noticing advertisements from Greenlight Loans talking about how they could help with all types of loans, but it wasn’t playing out so well for him. He felt like most of the lenders were looking out for their own interests and not his own.

Inzopa Comes to the Rescue

After months of not having any luck, Peter decided to try Inzopa. After he set up his profile and specified exactly what he was looking for, he was presented with three different lenders that had previously worked to close cash-out refinance mortgages. This was a great relief for Peter because he felt as though he finally had the opportunity to get the loan he wanted.

Most companies will generate a few leads for their customers, but might not give much thought as to whether they are a good match or not. Peter loved that Inzopa went above and beyond this philosophy. He found it very useful that Inzopa actually matches the consumers needs with the past transaction history of different lenders. That meant that a lender that specialized mostly with self-employed first time home buyers wasn’t going to get paired with his cash-out mortgage requirement.

After going into the process hoping to secure a 30 year mortgage he quickly changed his mind after talking with one of Inzopa’s lenders. They showed him how he could secure a 7 year ARM at an incredible rate.

The Inzopa Effect

Like a lot of things in life, you have to go through a little adversity before you find success. Peter discovered this first hand when searching for his home refinance. Once he had closed on his loan, he realized that Inzopa significantly helped make a typically time consuming process quite a bit shorter.

“Being able to transfer all the documents with my lender over a secure network really helped to save time” Madams said. He continued by saying, “I was pretty uncomfortable sending my personal information over email so this was a great alternative.”

The Future is Bright

When asked about whether he would recommend Inzopa to his friends and family, he said he would without hesitation. By giving consumers a list of highly targeted lenders that meet their exact needs, it gives people something that no one else can. Add in the ability to send documents to lenders with a few clicks of the mouse and it’s a product that anyone looking for a mortgage should try out.

Looking to buy or refinance a home? Inzopa can help save you time and money.

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