Inzopa Case Study – Ajit P.

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Inzopa Case Study

Each day Inzopa continues to make great strides when helping individuals secure a mortgage without the normal hassles that come along with the process. One of the most recent success stories came from Ajit P. when he was looking to buy a new home in Mission San Jose district of the East San Francisco Bay area. Ajit had heard great things about how Inzopa had the ability to close loans quickly due to everything being taken care on one platform. Ajit made the decision to find both his real estate agent and lender with Inzopa.

Here is a short question and answer session I had with Ajit.

How did you find out about Inzopa?

I was made aware of Inzopa by the founding team. They approached me about using the service and I decided to give it a shot.

What made you decide to use Inzopa over the other options available to you?

I made the choice not to use Zillow or Bankrate because the advertised rates rarely match the real loan product that is offered. The only other option was to use an email/manual system with each mortgage broker and I felt that would take too much time. My Wells Fargo broker seemed to be using something similar but it was internal to WF and obviously not amenable to use by any other broker.

I made the final decision to use Inzopa because I could connect with multiple loan officers which would allow me to get a real estimate. I felt this was a better way to compare not only loan officers, but also loan products.

What was your first impression when you began the mortgage process with Inzopa?

I thought it seemed extremely easy to use and could save consumers a lot of time over alternative methods for getting a home loan.

Now that you have closed on your mortgage what is your overall opinion of Inzopa?

It fulfilled my expectation of saving time and having all the relevant information in one place. I think Inzopa is very suitable for refinance applications. I was purchasing a home in California and the market has been very hot this year. Mission San Jose school district is on the top three districts in the entire bay area causing competition for homes to be fierce. That being said, I knew going in that I was going to need a quick close. I went with an lender whom I felt provided maximum assurance that he/she would close the loan within a certain time and without any problem. Due to this I don’t think I got the best rate possible, but that was somewhat expected.

Did it meet or exceed your expectations? How So?

It did exceed my expectations for ease of use and convenience. It also met my expectation for ability to communicate with multiple mortgage brokers that were experienced in closing loans quickly. However, I was not able to make best use of Inzopa due to the constraint of closing the loan on time. Thus my expectation for lowest possible rate was not met. Had it been a different situation where I had more time I feel that I would have been provided with the lowest rate possible.

Would you recommend Inzopa to others?

Yes, especially for refinance applications.

Would you use Inzopa again?


Are there any elements you’d like to add or change to the Inzopa experience?

Not a whole lot. It would be useful to have some market information on the site for reference. For example:

Credit score: 750
Conventional mortgage rates: 3.75% for 7/1 ARM

Now that Ajit is in his new home he reflected on the entire process and felt that it was an overall success. While he might have taken a higher rate, he was able to close his loan quickly which is what was important to him. Looking at home prices now they all fall outside of his budget. Buying when he did was a major plus. The next time he moves into a new house, he is happy to say that he’ll turn to Inzopa once again.

Looking to buy or refinance a home? Inzopa can help save you time and money.

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