Five Ways to Save Money on Moving Expenses

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Save money on moving expenses

There are few ordinary activities that are quite as stressful on the mind, body and pocketbook as moving.  Virtually everyone moves their residence at one time or another.  We usually move for school or work, but sometimes, we even move by choice to upgrade or downsize our living conditions.  For the latter cause, we often think that moving is still a fool’s errand and we hope to never do it again.  We seldom manage to keep that commitment.  Whatever the cause, there are ways to save money on moving expenses to help the pocketbook.

Let’s look at five important, money-saving ways to move.

Establish a moving budget

How do you know how much to spend on a move?  Considering the other items in this list, this item may seem misplaced, but it is the first important consideration that does, in fact, take other matters such as those that follow into account.  Part of establishing the moving budget is to determine how you will move, what packing supplies you will need, what you will move and otherwise discard, and when you will move.

If you do not budget, you will absolutely lose money, just as in any other expense.  Establishing a budget in advance of moving will help determine if you can afford to have professionals do the move with minimum effort on your part.  If your company is transferring you and have offered to pay for the move, by all means eliminate the headache of labor and packing material expense.  Otherwise, you must be the judge of which method will save money on  moving expenses.

Determine whether you will hire a moving company or move yourself

Will you involve a storage facility if the new residence is not yet ready to move in?  if you hire a moving company, will you turn over the entire move, including all the packing and unpacking to the professionals, or will you absorb some of that labor?  If you opt for the do-it-yourself method, will you hire a truck or use a pod, or both?  A pod has benefit if you are going to use storage for a period of time simply because you will handle your household goods only twice, packing and unpacking, rather than several times from a truck to a storage locker and back again.

What packing supplies will you need?

Boxes, tape, packing material for fragile items, etc.  If you are going to employ used boxes, be certain they still have structural integrity.  If they are already showing signs of being crushed – the corners and edges show evidence of prior crush – and you intend to stack boxes, and you will — these are best discarded, or used as packing filler.  However, many used boxes retain their strength and it makes no sense to discard good used boxes just to buy new boxes.  Bubble wrap is nice material, but it is considerably more expensive than newspaper that can be wadded and packed tightly to perform the same function.

Downsize if at all possible

If you have boxes that have been packed and in storage since the last time you moved, why are you holding on to those memories in boxes?  Those keepsakes have become nothing but memories.  The memories are in your head and no one can take them away.  If the physical keepsake is not worth display, it is not worth keeping.  This is not a hard rule, but paying money to repeatedly move and store packed boxes is a waste of money.

If you are retiring and moving to a smaller house, you have the opportunity to remove one or a few rooms of furniture from your move.  You can also benefit someone else by donating these pieces of furniture to a charity.  These economies, along with reducing the number of boxes of goods, will save money on moving expenses and have the potential of making someone else very happy.

Move in the off-season and on weekdays

Peak season (summer) and weekends are more expensive, even if renting a truck or pod and definitely when hiring professionals, than to move off-season and on weekdays.  If you must take vacation to move on a weekday, it will still be a savings over moving at peak times.  Sometimes, you have no choice; you must move when you must move.  But make it a priority, if you have the choice, to move during less expensive times.

You can save money on moving expenses and make it a pleasurable experience, at least in the pocketbook, if you use these five suggestions for an economical move.

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