Easy Home Improvements For Winter

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Easy Home Improvements

The winter months can get long and sometimes you probably get bored, so why not spice things up with some easy home improvements? There are all sorts of projects to take on in the winter. Here are a few easy ones that will get you off the couch and into motion.


The winter is a great time to paint a room or two.  It’s fairly inexpensive and you can complete a painting job in a day or two.

Put in a programmable thermostat

If you still have the old fashioned thermostats, go get yourself a programmable one and install it. This way you can set the thermostat during the winter for your time schedule. When you go to sleep at night or leave for work, program it a couple degrees lower so that you are optimizing your energy usage. Programmable thermostats are inexpensive and not difficult to install.

Organize the house

Since you’re pretty much indoors all winter, take some time to organize each room so that when spring arrives, you will feel less cluttered and completely organized.  Get to the closets, attic, basement, and even garage.  You can work at your own pace and by the end of winter you’ll feel marvelous at your accomplishment.

Insulate your hot water heater

Saving money via energy efficient ideas is wise, so if your hot water tank doesn’t have insulation around it, go ahead and insulate it.  This is an easy home improvement task and quite affordable. While you’re at it, turn the degree dial down a notch, as this will save you some money in energy cost as well.

Give the kids’ bedrooms a makeover

Take a weekend or perhaps the week the children are off of school for the holidays and give the kids’ rooms a complete makeover. You can paint if need be, but even if you don’t want to paint, you can still rearrange and decorate the rooms as you wish.  If you need ideas, take a look online at the different bedroom pictures to get a feel for the kinds of changes you’d like to make. Perhaps you can turn your son’s room into a dinosaur haven or your daughter’s room into a land fit for a princess.  Be sure to engage your children, as this can be wonderful quality time together.

Refurbish the doors

If your doors are in need of some tender loving care, you can replace them or tidy them up with a fresh coat of paint or new doorknobs.  Purchasing new doors may not be as expensive as you think and you can always check out Habitat for Humanity’s Restore for gently used doors if budgeting is a concern.

Final thought

Don’t let the winter cold keep you frozen to the couch.  If you’re looking to make some easy home improvements, take these ideas into consideration.  Taking care of the home and making little improvements little by little is not only fun, but also increases the value of your home.

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