5 DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Home

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Halloween is a holiday that all ages look forward to with great anticipation. The success of the celebration lies in the social interaction of all ages. It helps bond communities and the individuals that reside in them. Getting in the spirit of the holiday means doing a little decorating. There are “kits” available that can guarantee that your house will look like nearly every other one on the block, or you can get creative with one of these DIY Halloween decorating ideas.

Spooky Bushes

One of the cutest DIY Halloween decorating ideas that leave kids amazed is the creation of spooky bushes. They are very easy to make and can be used for many years. They give a great spooky look, but won’t make little kids too scared to come up the walkway to get their treat.

How to Create a Spooky Bush:

1) Take a piece of plywood and draw the number of oval eyes you will need for the number of bushes you want to decorate; planning two eyes per bush. Draw a variety of mouth expressions to match each set of eyes.

2) Cut out the wooden designs using a jigsaw.

3) Paint the front and sides of the wood pieces with the glow-in-the-dark paint. Set them aside to dry.

4) Paint round pupils on the eyeballs with black paint. Set them aside to dry.

5) Cut twine into 1-foot lengths. You will need 1 piece per wood eye and mouth design.

6) Glue 12-inch pieces of twine at the halfway point onto the back of the eyes and mouth pieces. Set them aside to dry.

7) Take each set of eyes and mouth and plan where you want to place them. Tie the end of the twine in a knot and hang them from the branches, making sure that there is enough slack to pull the wood forward to rest against the outer leaves of the bush.

Web Covered Grave Yard

Who doesn’t love a creepy grave yard during Halloween? You can easily make one that will look great day or night. You can make it out of materials that will make your display reusable for years to come. DIY Halloween decorating ideas should always include tombstones and spider webs.

How to Create a Web Covered Graveyard:

1) Use the black marker to draw the shapes you want for the tombstones on 8 pieces of styrofoam 1 X 12X 24-inches in size. Give some curvature on top, a few rectangular and maybe even a cross or two.

2) Cut the edges evenly using a sharp knife.

3) Glue a gardening stake onto the back of each tombstone. Leave 4-6 inches underneath to push into the ground and hold the stone upright.

4) Press “RIP” into the tombstones of your choice using the edge of the knife. Then you can run the black marker over the letters.

5) Spray the tombstones with a gray paint and let it dry. next you can lightly spray the edges with the black paint and let it dry.

6) Place them in your year in 2 rows of 4 tombstones each. Run some spider webbing between the tombstones and you’re all set.

Gaggle of Ghosts

Incorporating ghosts into your Halloween decorating is easy with this cute display. Line them along the walkways or post them on duty throughout the yard.

How to Create a Gaggle of Ghosts:

1) Cut a king size sheet into eight equal pieces using sharp scissors.

2) Stuff eight small garbage bags with shredded newspaper to form a ball of about 8-inches diameter. Tie the end of the bag shut and attach it to the top end of a garden stake using a wire tie. Place these in the yard or along the sidewalk.

3) Drape the sheets over each stake and loosely tie yarn at the base of the garbage bag to simulate a head. Draw a variety of spooky faces on the front of the heads with a black marker and arrange the bottom folds of sheet to look ghostly.

Specimen Display

DIY Halloween decorating ideas that include gross looking specimen displays will make your party or get together a hit. Gather up your fake eyeballs and plastic bugs for this fun display.

How to Create a Specimen Display:

1) Add water and a variety of food coloring to large glass jars.

2) Place a plastic bug, fake eyeball or even a small plastic Halloween mask into the jar. Fold the mask in the back so that the face is what shows through the front of the jar.

3) Create a “lab” area on a table and add a little low lighting to creep everyone out that sees it.

Pumpkin Coolers

Keeping drinks cold is made easy with this Halloween decorating idea for the party table.

How to Create a Pumpkin Cooler:

1) Cut the top off of a large pumpkin, starting about 1/3 of the way down. Discard the top.

2) Scrape out the innards and seeds and then discard then in the trash.

3) Add ice and drinks and place on the party table.

Final Thought

You can be ready for trick-or-treat visitors or fright night parties with these easy, creative and inexpensive DIY Halloween decoration ideas. You can take these projects and customize them to fit your decorative needs. Add some colored lights, artificial smoke and creepy music to give your visitors a chilling, but fun experience. Have a Happy Halloween ghouls and goblins!

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