Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

Much of the marketing of a product for sale is in how that product is presented; it’s appearance on first and lingering glance.  Selling a home is no different than other products.  It is the most significant product sale you will ever have.  Making the right impression in staging your home for sale is going to require some special treatment.   These tips will help.

Make sure every room is clutter-free

As a beginning, eliminate the clutter in every room, perhaps even some of the furniture.  One of the most unappealing factors in a home for sale is clutter.  If you have a mantle covered with photographs, eliminate all but two or three of them.  You might know these people very well, but to a home buyer, they are clutter.  Most people have too much stuff.  Removing clutter will make the home appear larger; always a key in selling the home.

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Tips for De-Cluttering Your Home to Help it Sell

De-cluttering your home might be one of the most important aspects of the home selling process.  It can mean the difference between the property selling quickly or sitting on the market.  That being said de-cluttering is a step that no seller should overlook.  When you de-clutter your home, prospective buyers are able to picture themselves living there rather than seeing it as though it’s someone else’s.  It will also help the home appear as though it has been well cared for.  Before you place your home on the market, follow these steps to de-clutter your home for a quick sell.

One Room at a Time

Start in the back of the house and tackle one room at a time.  Have bags for everything you’ll be tossing out or donating and then boxes or plastic containers for everything you’ll pack and store away.  A home that is on the market should be as appealing as possible, and one way to achieve appeal is to showcase the purpose of the room.  Have enough furniture and accents and get rid of everything standing in their way.   Remember your goal is not to organize clutter.  It is to get rid of it.  Organized clutter is still clutter!

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How to Prepare Your Home for a Hurricane

Hurricane season is about to come to an end however anyone living in a high risk area should always know what needs to be done to ensure their homes are properly prepared in case the worst happens.  On average, there are five hurricanes a year that will hit US coastline.  Winds can gust at 100+ miles per hour and water surges can reach 20 feet or higher.

Anyone who has been in a hurricane knows that they are no joking matter.  No two hurricanes are the same which means the best way to prepare is to always prepare for the worst.  I have always been a believer in the saying, “it’s better to be safe than sorry.” Here are some suggestions to make sure you prepare your home for a hurricane so that it can withstand the effects.

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Outdated Design Features That Need to Go


There are some outdated design features that could cause huge problems in your home should you decide to sell it. You may love a particular style, but the majority of buyers might not.  Not only are there styles that are outdated, but they’re also not going to grab a buyer’s attention in a positive way. Buyers essentially want a clean slate to work with, not a bunch of roadblocks. Should you have any of the following home design features, it’s time to switch them up for something more modern.

Wood paneling

The only reason there should be wood visible on your walls is if you live in a log cabin. Wood paneling is unsightly, not to mention it makes the room look dark and small. Even painting over it is still going to make it look like cheap painted wood. Your best course of action is to take it down entirely and paint the walls a neutral color.

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The Ultimate Fall Home Maintenance To-Do List

After a long, hot summer, fall is usually a welcome time of year. The kids are back in school, extracurricular activities are in full swing and the days get a little bit shorter.  On the flip side, the barbecues and all those wonderful backyard engagements have come to an end, and it is time to get your home ready for the changing seasons as winter is right around the corner.  Fall maintenance will help reduce the dreaded winter preparation, so don’t procrastinate.  We’ve compiled an ultimate fall home maintenance to-do list for all homeowners.

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