Five Money-Saving Tips for a Cheap Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen is, by far, the most expensive room in the house unless you happen to have a state-of-the-art home theater to rival the effect of a typical IMAX theater experience.  Since most of us do not have the room or the money to invest in such extravagance, let’s be practical and consider the kitchen as the room of greatest cost to build and outfit with the conveniences of twenty-first century living.

We may spend more of our waking hours in the kitchen, so its use sees more wear and tear than other rooms.  The necessity to remodel and upgrade our kitchen will occur before any other room with the possible exception of a bathroom.  This will always mean an expense, but we should be able to achieve a cheap kitchen remodel with some money-saving tips that will be an envious experience.

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Should I Do It Myself Or Hire A Contractor?

Home improvement projects can be rewarding and fun, but sometimes you might wonder if going the “do it yourself” route or hiring a contractor route is the best way to go.  Maybe you want to build a deck or remodel your kitchen and just can’t decide whether to tackle the project yourself or not.  There are pros and cons to both, especially when it comes to time and money, so the answer will really depend on the ratio of pros vs. cons.

Pros of hiring a contractor


Your time is valuable and chances are you are pretty busy.  If you barely have the time to keep up with your normal daily routines and tasks, then hiring a contractor to complete your project will most likely suit you well. If you have children, chances are you’re really strapped for free time, so in this case hiring a contractor suits both you and your family, as it gives you more time with them.


Chances are you are not a professional carpenter, so when it comes to quality, a contractor will be able to provide better quality and probably do it in considerably less time than you.

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8 Affordable Home Decorating Ideas

Despite the high price tags you’re seeing in many home decorating stores, there are numerous ways to decorate your home in the way you desire all while keeping cash in your wallet. Making your home look beautiful and reflecting your style doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are several affordable home decorating ideas to show off your fabulous home all while sticking to a budget.

Hang up photographs

Sure you can buy expensive wall art that’s pretty, but you could get more enjoyment out of displaying  personal photographs. Choose some of your favorite photos, change them to black and white, enlarge them, put them in black frames, then hang them in a spot where you can view them on a daily basis.

Change knobs and pulls

Change out all the knobs and pulls on your furniture to give the pieces a different look. You can also replace all the doorknobs, and either make them all the same or mix and match. It’s a great way to add new life in little spots all around your home.

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5 DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Halloween is a holiday that all ages look forward to with great anticipation. The success of the celebration lies in the social interaction of all ages. It helps bond communities and the individuals that reside in them. Getting in the spirit of the holiday means doing a little decorating. There are “kits” available that can guarantee that your house will look like nearly every other one on the block, or you can get creative with one of these DIY Halloween decorating ideas.

Spooky Bushes

One of the cutest DIY Halloween decorating ideas that leave kids amazed is the creation of spooky bushes. They are very easy to make and can be used for many years. They give a great spooky look, but won’t make little kids too scared to come up the walkway to get their treat.

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