Benefits to Installing Energy Efficient Appliances

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The first benefit that comes to mind when having energy efficient appliances installed is how much money you can save. It’s what tends to draw a person in to begin the decision process of updating their home appliances. There are other benefits that aren’t immediately obvious. Most energy efficient designs also use the most up-to-date parts and technology that improve how the appliance works and stands up to constant use. Combine all of the personal benefits, add to that the fact that the energy savings helps the environment and you have a winning combination.

Saving Money

The benefits of installing energy efficient appliances can be almost immediately felt in reduced bills. Paying less each month for electric, gas and water means you are saving money. Appliances are responsible for nearly 20 percent of household energy consumption. Using energy efficient models are estimated to save as much as $80 a year on the electric bill alone. The actual amount will vary depending on how often the appliances are used in comparison with the older models.

Best in Updated Technology

When you install energy efficient appliances you aren’t just getting a drop in your electric bill. Most of these appliances include the latest and best in technological improvements to provide you with the best equipment that money can buy. You’ll find refrigeration units with better sealing, more durable compressors and sensitive temperature controls. Dish and clothes washers are more sensitively controlled in cycle length, which translates to quicker cycles and less energy use. The electronic controls and settings make it more user friendly for everyone to use.

Improved Operation

You’ll be surprised at the noticeable improvement in function of energy efficient appliances. Dryers will take less time to dry, washers will use less water to clean clothes, dishwashers will use less water and run almost silent. Noise reduction is a huge benefit with the technology of today. Less wear on clothes is possible through front load machines that contain no agitators. Refrigerator and freezer units will use less energy, but maintain more accurate temperature control than ever before. That means less freezer burn and spoiling of foods. Each and every part is engineered to save you money in both durability and energy conservation.

Greener Home

Many new home designs are incorporating the installation of energy efficient appliances to help create a green home concept. Energy saving heaters, air conditioning, lighting, windows and appliances all work in tandem to reduce energy costs and save on environmental impact. Reducing the carbon footprint has become an important issue for many people. There is not too many ways that you can have a direct impact on the environment in the same way as reducing energy use. It saves on the amount of natural resources needed to create the energy used. Lower demands on the electrical grid mean less coal is burned, which makes for much cleaner air.

Final Thought

No matter which benefit appeals to you, there’s no way to lose when installing energy efficient appliances. Everyone loves to save money and purchase appliances that will last enough years to justify the expense. Knowing that you help the environment with the switch to energy efficient models will make you feel good about the change.

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